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Internet from bulb – Li-Fi technology of the future!


The use of LED technology is not limited to indoor lighting or street lighting. “Smart” lighting products provide a variety of uses, including connecting a laptop or smart phone to the Internet, thanks to a new invention LI-Fi.

FCC (Federal Communications Commission) recently has warned that we could be left without the radio frequency spectrum for Wi-Fi in the next 5 years, as it was extremely busy. In this regard, the development of new solutions for data transmission is necessary.

Harald Haas has developed in 2011 a new method by which devices can communicate with each other, called Li-Fi.

What Li-Fi?

Li-Fi (Light Fidelity) is the name for a new communication method that uses light to transmit information between devices (VLC).

In 2015, scientists were able to reach in laboratory testing the speed of 225 Gb per second. At this speed, you can transfer 18 films, each of 1.5 GB per second.

Several companies already offer products that include communication through the visible light spectrum.

FAREWELL Wi-Fi, welcome Li-Fi!