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5 reasons why you should switch to LED bulbs

Concept of LED lamps is this new generation of lamps which are based on semiconductor solar cells, they do not contain harmful gases and do not emit infrared and ultraviolet spectrum. Due to this structure, Led lamps are the most efficient and durable light sources available today. Compared to incandescent lamps, LED lamps are not limited to a specific color light. Chromaticity of the lamp can be selected individually for each case. If you use RGB LED lamp, then the color can be changed as needed. RGB LED lamp is capable of emitting millions of colors offering a wide range of color options. LED lamps are more reliable, easily replaceable, and certainly more cost-effective, helping to at least halve the energy costs.

  1. Brightness

LED lamps are very efficient at converting electricity into visible light beam and more efficient than conventional fluorescent and halogen lamps. Compared to incandescent lamps, where less than 5% of the energy used is converted into visible light, and the most of them are converted into thermal radiation (heat), LED lamps are brighter and more powerful.

  1. Selection of color

LED lightings are not limited to one color shade as incandescent lamps, their color range being large enough.

Color temperature:

Warm white (3000K)

This shade is very close to the color of standard bulbs that are most commonly used. It is ideal for creating a muted, intimate environment, used in restaurants, living rooms, rest rooms.

Natural white (4200K)

This color is a cool shade of warm white. It is more white than yellow, and is ideally suited for most commercial sites, such as business offices.

Daylight White (5000K)

It is a bright color, close to natural white color and it is ideal for large areas and places that require higher performance, such as conference rooms, classrooms and retail shops.

Cool White (6000K)

This shade is perfect for areas requiring high contrast and bright light for such locations as museums, jewelry stores, art galleries.

3 Operational safety/ Reliability

LED lamps are highly reliable and virtually maintenance free. The life expectancy of the LED lamps is over 50 000 hours (equivalent to 5 years of continuous operation). Commercial and industrial facilities such as warehouses, factories, where the lamps are lit 24/7, 365 days a year, benefit from these characteristics of LED lighting. They can save more than half of their electricity costs and the costs for replacement of blown lamps.

  1. Energy Saving

LED lighting is an excellent choice for those who want to save money on electricity costs. If you walked around the central area of ​​any large city, you must have noticed that the most of the buildings are illuminated at night even if there is no one inside. For reasons of safety and security, lamps are on continuously and energy costs can be surprisingly high, if used incandescent or fluorescent lamps.

  1. Easy replacement

LED lamps are not difficult to replace, they are designed and manufactured in such a way that they are suited to all kinds of caps. The main thing is to correctly choose the right lamp with cap the size you want.